This is the homepage of Arash Abadpour for everything that I do as @Kamangir.

I have been a blogger since October 2004, when I started blogging in English under the pen name Kamangir (Archer). I started a Persian blog with the same name in May 2007. Later in 2012, English Kamangir was deactivated. Based on different independent statistics, collected in 2012, Persian Kamangir is among the twenty most–read Persian blogs on the net. Posts from Persian Kamangir are widely shared on different social networks and are referenced by other Persian bloggers as well as Persian media sources. Several Persian–language news and media websites have reproduced or actively reproduce content from Persian Kamangir in their websites. More info on what I do on the net on kamangir.net.

A resume containing references to my online activities can be found here.

Among the different social media, I use twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ more frequently.


  • September 2019eternity.py is published (Amazon).
  • November 2017 – The Publications page is updated,
  • September 2017 – Content added to the Activism pages, under 2015 and 2017.
  • November 2014 – This website is overhauled.

Last update: September 2019

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